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Portfolio Design and Implementation

MBA, LLC assists clients with nearly all aspects of energy efficiency portfolio design and implementation, including drafting Requests for Proposal (RFPs), evaluating proposals, selecting programs and optimizing portfolios, as well as negotiating and drafting contracts.
Ms. Bruceri has designed, implemented, and managed various energy programs targeting residential and nonresidential new construction projects, as well as existing small and large commercial buildings.

Policy Development and Advocacy

Through the California Statewide Codes and Standards program, the firm works with both state and local government agencies encouraging them to adopt policies promoting energy- and resource-efficient growth.  MBA, LLC  also advocates for policy development and/or changes that support energy-efficiency.
MBA, LLC is currently working on a project developing specifications, and providing technical support to facilitate adoption of local green building and energy efficiency ordinances that reach beyond California’s minimum requirements.

Technical Analysis and Support

MBA, LLC provides various program technical support services, including project development and review, creating technical documentation to support energy savings claims, and developing policy, tracking and reporting requirements. MBA, LLC also creates technical and program documentation including policy and procedure manuals, marketing materials, and various types of program and regulatory reports.

MBA, LLC continues to provide training, technical, and program management support including analyses of program performance and cost-effectiveness to assist the management team in determining appropriate changes in program funding levels.

Our experience also includes conducting building energy use simulations, code compliance analyses, and compliance software development, documentation, and support.

Technical Writing

MBA, LLC can help you create technical documentation, including user guides and manuals, and convert the documentation to an electronic help system. The electronic help format makes using reference materials easy by employing hyperlinks to “jump” from one topic directly to a related one, create personalized bookmarks for commonly used topics, and conduct a search of the entire document instantaneously.

The firm also creates policy manuals, regulatory reporting documents, and reference materials.

Education and Training

MBA, LLC provides training in all aspects of portfolio and program development. Ms. Bruceri recently participated in a workshop on planning and implementing and Energy Efficiency Power Plants for Chinese Provincial government agencies.

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